We help HR Professionals and Managers to support women in the workplace.

Our team of Organisational Psychologists and Women’s Health experts are here to you help you achieve better awareness, openness and support for women’s health issues in your organisation and enable your employees and business to thrive



Training for Managers & HR

Equip staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support female colleagues


Provide a space for women in your organisation to talk about their health and wellbeing

Women’s wellness workshops

Empower employees to manage their reproductive and menstrual health at work

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Ensure that menstrual health education is delivered to your students in the best possible way

Clare’s work is making people take notice of a real health issue that affect most workplaces. Organisations should be queuing up to work with See Her Thrive.
— Tim Roberts, Learning and Development Partner, Missguided