Training can be delivered in-house or via webinar. We can also work with you to create e-learning modules for your learning management system.

We cover:

  • An Introduction to Women’s Health for Managers and HR

  • Communication Skills: how to discuss sensitive topics with colleagues

  • Empathy at Work: developing skills to understand other people

  • Maternal and Paternal Mental Health for Line Managers

  • Return to work: how to support employees through the transition

  • Menopause Awareness for Line Managers

  • Developing a Women’s Health Strategy for Your Organisation: what, why and how?

Our Approach

Our expert speakers give a clear overview of common menstrual and reproductive health issues to equip your line managers, human resources and occupational health professionals with improved knowledge, awareness and understanding.

We also provide insight on effective policies and practices to support women’s health in your organisation, giving your business leaders the practical tools and strategies to make a positive difference.

I attended a PMDD Awareness session from Laura and Clare at my workplace. It was very informative and engaging. I knew very little about PMDD prior to attending, but it opened my eyes to the need in our organisation for more awareness raising and to give line managers better support and training in managing staff with these conditions.
— Michelle Saunders, Health Improvement Project Coordinator (Workplace Health), Medway Council