Workshops on Reproductive Health  

Whether it's a workshop for managers on how to support employees through menopause, or a presentation to staff to raise awareness of post-natal depression, we will work with you to create a bespoke training solution that meets your business needs. We provide engaging and interactive sessions to help people learn about women's health, incorporating the latest research from occupational and health psychology.

Consultancy to Improve Policies & Provision

We help organisations to implement inclusive policies and practices to support reproductive health. From designing return to work programmes, to advising on absence policies, we support businesses in creating female-friendly environments. Our approach is evidence-based, which means our recommendations are based on tried and tested methods.

Coaching for Women 

We offer regular, one-to-one support for women to enable them to thrive at work. This is done in person or remotely, with sessions usually lasting around 45 minutes. Coaching and CBT in particular, has been shown to be an effective intervention for people with reproductive health disorders.

Psychometric Assessments

Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of our unique strengths and characteristics, particularly when hormones are reeking havoc. As qualified psyshometricians, we provide personality assessments to help your employees understand themselves better, bringing back into focus all of the positive things they have to offer.


Women's health is an area crying out for further research. We need to understand more about how these conditions affect women at work, so we can provide the right support. As experienced academics, we are always open to new research opportunities and love to hear from organisations and people who are interested in running a project.