We can help you to deliver effective menstrual health education by supporting:

  • Curriculum and Scheme of Work design

  • Lesson planning and delivery

  • Resources

  • Talks for students, parents and carers

  • Menstrual health and wellbeing days and events

By 2020 it will be compulsory for schools in England to teach about periods. The new guidelines mean children will know from a much younger age what is “normal” and what isn’t when it comes to their periods. All pupils will learn about menstrual health and the menstrual cycle starting in primary school.

We will work with you to ensure menstrual health education is delivered to your students in an appropriate and engaging way.

And you’re in safe hands; our founder is a qualified secondary school teacher with six years experience working in high performing schools in the public and private sector.

Clare is a highly professional, experienced and talented teacher. She is a first class communicator, able to engage audiences quickly and ensure key messages are fully understood. Clare has a proven track record of delivering well prepared and thoughtful presentations, blending content with anecdote to maintain pace and enthuse those in her sessions.
— David Douglass, Deputy Headteacher, Sacred Heart Catholic High School