Episode 5 Cindy Moy: supporting women through perimenopause with mySysters

Cindy Moy is the founder and CEO of mySysters, a social and self-care mobile platform to help women manage the symptoms that can occur from the hormonal fluctuations during perimenopause. The app lets women track their symptoms, print a chart of what they’ve tracked, and share advice with other women in discussion forums.

Cindy is a single mom of two daughters. She came up with the idea for a perimenopause app after seeing the period trackers popular among women in their teens and twenties and wondering, “Where’s mine?”. A lawyer and writer by trade, she launched a tech startup to develop the app. She then moved the business from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and now ‘commutes’ between countries.

We recorded the episode at a coffee shop, so there is some background noise in this episode (just close your eyes and imagine you are there with us drinking a latte).

*Since recording the interview, Cindy has informed me that myGauge, an app designed for partners of women using mySysters, is now available from the app store (link below).

Links and mentions from the episode

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