Employer’s Guide to PMDD

PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) is a hormone based mood disorder which affects around 1 in 20 women and AFAB individuals of reproductive age.

Employer’s Guide to Endometriosis

Endometriosis (pronounced en – doh – mee – tree – oh – sis) is a reproductive health condition that affects around 10% of women. That’s around 1.5million women in the UK alone.

Women’s Health Policy Template

Public Health England: What do women say? Reproductive health is a public health issue

This document presents the findings from a survey of more than 7,500 women and focus group discussions to find out how women experience reproductive health issues and some of the choices they make.

Work Foundation: More than “women’s issues”

This paper features four areas of women’s reproductive and gynaecological health: endometriosis, infertility, pregnancy and menopause; shining a light on what they mean in terms of work.