We provide performance coaching to help women in your organisation achieve their very best. Performance coaching is particularly useful for helping to overcome fears and worries, changing negative behaviour, dealing with setbacks and building self-confidence.

A coach can be placed in your organisation for colleagues to talk to throughout the day. Alternatively, one to one sessions can be arranged over telephone or Skype.

We also provide group coaching sessions, giving women the opportunity to learn from their peers and the collective wisdom of the group.

Our Approach

Our qualified and experienced coaches provide an impartial and confidential space for women in your organisation to talk with a trusted expert.

We use a Cognitive Behavioural approach, which has been scientifically proven to improve mental health and wellbeing in women experiencing difficult menstrual symptoms.

Clare is thé specialist regarding reproductive and gynaecological health issues at work. She is a skilled researcher and interviewer (listen to her podcasts) and a talented writer/journalist too. Very pleasant to work with!
— Paula Kragten, Publisher, Period! Magazine