Some Powerful Words on Endometriosis

“Women with Endometriosis often lose their confidence, and carry a burden of sadness that longs for release. Kind people and safe spaces are all that we need. There is no one way of experiencing this condition, and no one way of coping with it. Whatever brings comfort is valid. Whatever works is to be valued...

Endometriosis is not easy to talk about. It cannot be explained in a phrase. It doesn't show on the outside. It touches on areas of women's experience we are sometimes ashamed to speak of.

But we must find a way to voice our needs, if we are to command resources for research, if we are to understand and overcome Endometriosis, and find a way of coping till we are free from it.”

- Dame Hilary Mantel quoted in Coping with Endometriosis by Jill Eckersley & Dr Zara Aziz