Improve Productivity

  • Empower staff to self-manage symptoms in the workplace

  • Take positive steps to build an inclusive culture that supports women’s health

  • Provide staff with the right support to thrive at work

Reduce Absence

  • Reduce the impact of regular employee absence

  • Take a proactive approach to presenteeism

  • Support staff to get back to work quickly after absence


Attract & Retain Female Staff

  • Attract and retain the best female talent

  • Stand out against your competitors

  • Create an environment where women can reach their full potential


“Women make up 47% of the labour force, with rates of employment the highest they have ever been for those with children, and more women than men now gain university degrees. But even in this era of female progression, discussion of the unique health issues relating to their sex are still shunned, quieted, taboo.”

- The Work Foundation